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Adoption Information and Frequently Asked Questions

GPPR adopts in the states of NE and IA

Please visit your local rescue if you are interested in adoption or are seeking help for a dog. A list of National Rescues can be found here .  
Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog
Some GPPR Fast Facts:

-We are all unpaid volunteers. There are no salaries or paychecks. All money received into our program is applied to aid current/future dogs. Our volunteers donate their homes, time, gas, training, etc. to help the dogs.

-We do not have a shelter or facility. We are a network of foster homes in NE & IA.

-Dogs arrive to us from various situations and locations. It is unlikey we will have history on most dogs. 

-All dogs visit independent veterinarians for their care. GPPR does not have it's own veterinarian. Medical records for the care they receive are provided to adopters.

- Our dogs are to be only inside companions where they reside with the family. They are not to be placed in outdoor kennels or left unattended in fenced backyards for hours at a time.

-Dogs in our program have been rescued. GPPR often saves them from death.  They are adopted as is. We make no guarantees as to how a dog will behave in an adoptive home, what medical conditions "could" arise post adoption, or training issues that "could" arise. Adopters must be open to adopting an unperfect dog and helping to aid it onto a better life. 

"How is rescue different from a shelter?"
ANSWER: We are a network of non paid volunteers that bring these dogs into our homes. They live with families to be evaluated.  They do not spend their days in loud cement kennels. They receive basic training and interaction. Our ethics for adoption are high, and we relay all information we know about any of our dogs. Our volunteer foster families genuinely love the breed and care for their foster dogs. They are available to provide most answers for adopters' questions.
" Why do we need to complete an application?"  
ANSWER: We take adoption seriously. Most dogs in our program have already been bounced from home to home, left on their own, or surrendered to a shelter. We are not here to judge families; we are here to help you find the right companion. Please remember, we do not know you, or your lifestyle. Our application helps us to gather the information needed to help find a compatible dog for your family. Great Plains Pointer Rescue is State Licensed and a 501c3 Non Profit Organization. We require your resident pets to be current with their vaccinations and have a current heartworm test.   Completing the adoption form does not obligate you or GPPR to adoption.  Please note in many instances we receive multiple applications for a dog.  We process the best fit for both the dog and the adoptive family. Once approved, the application will be honored for any of the dogs in our program.  An approval does not guarantee the dog will be available.
"Where do your dogs come from?" 
ANSWER: Some from shelters, some are strays, some were dumped, some abandoned, and other numerous backgrounds. We do not always have their history. 

"Can your dogs hunt?"  ANSWER: Some are hunters; others can be gun shy and are best as family companions. They are in rescue for a home and we do not guarantee hunting dogs. 

"Do we have to spay or neuter?" ANSWER: Yes! All of our adult dogs will be spayed or neutered before adoption placement. Puppies will require proof at appropriate age from a vet and is required per contract. Additionally we require all pets in the adoptive home be spayed/neutered.
"What about Cats?" ANSWER: Po inting Breeds were bred to hunt. They can view many types of animals, including cats, as prey. Unless they are raised with cats, extreme caution should be taken. This is not a behavior that can be changed easily and can be fatal if not properly supervised. GSP's and Pointers can easily kill a cat. Please do not underestimate and think a cat can take care of itself. 
"What are the adoption fees?" ANSWER: Our adoption fees vary by age and are usually the cost of vetting to us, (or less) and are reasonable. While some dogs arrive with more serious conditions such as tumors or heartworm disease, we scale all adoption fees so that our adoptions are equal.  We are an IRS non profit organization and all funds received are applied 100% back into our program for the future care of dogs which may include serious vetting issues, boarding, food, toys, crates, heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventative, and other needs. Our program is also kept alive by donations from breed lovers. Repeat adopters of GPPR receive a 20% discount. 
The adoption will also include NE sales tax of 7%
"W hat medical care do the dogs receive?" ANSWER: All of our dogs see qualified veterinarians for exams, spays/neuters, vaccinations, heartworm tests, and health checks. Vetting records are provided to the adoptive families. We do ask that the adopted dog be seen by your vet within 7 days of an adoption. Because of varying veterinarian opinions, and the fact that some dogs can come from kill shelters, unhealthy situations, or have unforeseen conditions; arrive to GPPR with NO prior history, and are living and breathing animals, we make no guarantees as to what an adopter's vet may recommend after adoption and heed the opinions of our own veterinarians who have examined the animal. It is encouraged the adopter speaks with their own vet pre-adoption to discuss any medical issues they are concerned with.  It is the adopter's responsibility to adhere to and ensure the future medical care of the dog. Please also see the link at the bottom of this page in regards to pet insurance.
We also require that adoptive family pets are also current with all vaccinations and altered. 

NOTE: Some dogs arrive with pre-existing conditions such as heartworm, or other diseases or illness acquired prior to coming into GPPR. Again, GPPR will make every attempt to get the dog healthy for adoption. Levels of dog experience and expectations vary by person/family. Dogs in our care are often SAVED from prior abandonment, abuse, neglect, and undesirable conditions -AKA Rescued. If you are seeking a dog with health guarantees, please look elsewhere for your search.   
"What happens if our adopted Pointer is not working out?"  
ANSWER: Adoption is a commitment. The dog you are interested in is required to meet your current pets and all family members prior to adoption. Adopters must be ready and prepared to work with a new dog.   GPPR encourages signing up for an obedience class. If there are other issues, we ask that you contact a personal dog trainer to help you. If issues cannot be resolved through classes or a trainer or your vet, then we need to be contacted to make arrangements for the dog to be returned.    
It is the adopter’s obligation to safely house the dog until a foster home is available or another permanent home is found. We do not guarantee a dog's behavior in an adoptive home.  
"What should we do to prepare for our new family member?" 
1. It is HIGHLY recommended you get a crate. This is where your new friend can rest and relax, and a great place for them to be if left unattended.   
2. Ask the foster parent(s) what kind of food they have been eating. 
3. Prepare for the unexpected. Remember a new dog has to adjust to any situation. Allow them to adjust on their own timeline. 
4. Ask questions about current routines, potty times, eating schedules, how much food, etc. 
5. Please be sure to do full research on pointing breeds.
6. Never rush into adoption
7. Place expectations to the side. With rescue, one must be open with adjustment, learning routines, training and time. 
"Ok, we found a dog we would like to meet, now what?"
ANSWER: If you have not already done so, please review and complete the adoption application. Once received, we will contact you to make an appointment. If you are not familiar with the breed, please research and make sure that this is a fit for you and your family. Gather all of your questions in preparation for the meeting.
"Do Pointing breeds shed?"
ANSWER: Yes. They benefit from regular brushing.


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