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Senior Dog Program

"The average dog has one request to all humankind. Love me."

-Helen Exley- Editor and Publisher


The average age for a Senior German Shorthaired Pointer or Pointer is 12 to 14. Sadly, many younger than this, just after their prime, are left at shelters for various reasons. Perhaps they could not handle the field anymore or have been replaced by a younger dog. Whatever the case may be, older dogs by far, have a lot to offer.

It is an interesting fact that many requests we get to help involve dogs just around a year old. They are too energetic, the family cannot keep up with them, they chew, they are destructive, they are raising havoc in the home. The main misconception is that some believe older dogs will not bond with families and so they set off to find a puppy to raise in the search of "the bond".

There are many benefits of adopting an older dog:

-they are already trained

-they are calmer and less likely to rip around the house seeking attention and  playmates

-manners are usually in place

-they have less demand for time and do not require frequent daily exercise

Some may argue an older dog is not a good choice because of nearing health issues. While seniors can have a greater risk for health problems, all dogs can have health problems arise at any age. Regular vet checks, a good diet, and ample activity help to alleviate many problems.

Older dogs want simple companionship and ask for little in return. They are some of the most grateful creatures on earth. They do not belong in shelters as abandoned family members.

GPPR is there for many misplaced Pointers, and Seniors are not an exception. Our Senior Dog Program involves a discounted adoption donation for adopters, one annual veterinarian examination covered by GPPR, and if a senior citizen adopts a senior dog, there is no charge. This program applies to the dogs in GPPR care that are over the age 10 and over age guessed by a veterinarian.

Please consider adopting, or donating to a Senior Dog in our program. They are waiting for you.